“Stop Growing Up” Jessica Tells Kids

Jessica Simpson, 38, nearing the third delivery, worded her kids photo in Instagram, six year old daughter Maxwell Drew and five year old son Ace Knute Johnson, “Stop Growing Up.”

Jessica Simpson daughter Maxwell Drew with son Ace Knute Johnson
Are they growing too fast? Your mom want you stay how you are at the time she delivers nice ‘Birdie’ sooner. Stop growing kids until then and start growing all together!

We understand some mothers wish to keep kids as kids forever. At Least until new one arrives and then they start grow together. Now expecting mother Jessica Simpson also no exception.

Last month Jessica Simpson for her Baby Shower, which was named Birdie’s Nest, reveals two circumstances. First Jessica and Eric Johnson expecting new arrival of baby girl. Second they probably planned to name the child Birdie.

Jessica with her daughter Maxwell, mother Tina, sister Ashlee and her daughter Jagger
During January 2019 Baby Shower Jessica with her mother Tina Ann Drew, her daughter Maxwell Drew, sister Ashlee holding her three year old daughter Jagger Snow Ross

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